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"Hello my name is AL, and I'm an addict for music! "





    " I’ve been spinning records for over 3 years in  Hampton Roads. I've played alongside radio personalities Deja an JRok as their featured DJ on the online station , Worldwide Radio (The Blaze). I’ve opened and done sound for the likes of Anguz Black, DJ Danny Nytefix, Jill Scott, The Fuzz Band and DJ Jack of Spade. Keep a look out for me on the national club scene as I drop everything from ol' school R&B to Electronica. My first true love of course is Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, but everyone is different and as a DJ you got to play for the people."



Staying universal has always been key to extraordinary performances. While staying close to the urban sound, Al always had the taste for other musical styles. The other genres he has extended to include Progressive House, Electro, Vocal House, Trance, Dub-step, Mainstream Pop, Baltimore Club, Soca, Latin, Holy Hip-hop and Rhythm n' Praise. He has learned to mix in the traditional techniques of each individual genre and have learned to combine them with an urban feel, to make a unique sound. Put him in front of any crowd and watch magic happen!




He's part of the elite group of DJ's called Mixxstar DJ's and he also have rocked various clubs and bars across Hampton Roads and across the east coast such as Omega's, Club Dream, Club Cozumels, Velvet Lounge, Vegas, Lido's, Baileys, Red Rock Lounge, Ashley's, Moonstar Lounge and various other spots. AL has been blessed with the opportunity to travel the country by touring with Nadine Domond Basketball the TRANSITION , bringing his energy to the masses.~ Nadine D - NDB



" My goal is to introduce DJ Alien Supreem to the nation and then to the world."


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